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What if you could predict the best prices for your room every day – and this six months in advance? MARKET-PREDICT enables you to do just that based on the market data available for your destination (see MARKET-ANALYSE). Break the negative spiral of & Co “best prices” and take back full control over your pricing policy!

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Advantages for service partners
  • Price suggestions for every room
  • Direct comparison of competitors
  • Optimization of room prices
  • Customized reports
  • Avoidance of booking losses

The forecasting tool MARKET-PREDICT provides price suggestions for your accommodation based on all available market data – down to the room type. The forecast is based on “machine learning”, a smart, self-learning algorithm for optimal market price recommendations. By knowing the market bandwidth in advance, you avoid excessive and under-rated overnight prices.

MARKET-PREDICT allows maximum dynamic and flexible room rates that always meet the ideal market price and create an alternative to misleading payment rankings of major meta search engines for your guests. With CUBE-TECH’s algorithms you benefit from insights based on millions of market data points, powered by artificial intelligence. While common methods are months to years behind, our solution allows you to plan beyond the end of the current season.

To further maximize value creation, you will be able to offer a variety of bundled services and packages. More and more guests are looking for directly bookable experiences for which they are happy to spend a little more. Monetize your regional network of top performers and take on a pioneering role. Find out more in the fact sheet SYSTEM4C (System for Customer).

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