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Small and medium-sized accommodation companies often suffer from a lack of availability in online booking systems. This leads to non-display or failed bookings – despite the occupancy rate only yielding 60%. CUBE-TECH has analyzed this problem and created a solution that is unique worldwide: SPECIAL-REQUEST.

Advantages for for service partners:
  • Increased avaialibility
  • Reduction of booking losses
  • Full control over bookings
  • High-priced overnight stays
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Let’s put an end to lost bookings

A limited number of beds or rooms offers several challenges regarding availability, especially when the available allotment is split up over several supply channels. If, for example, two adults with a child want to stay for three nights, booking systems automatically disqualify providers with less than 9 available room nights.

Thanks to SPECIAL-REQUEST, accommodation providers remain bookable and available for the customer even if the requested number of room nights cannot be met at the time of booking. The customer can send a quasi-binding booking request and is not required to pay the deposit until the booking has been accepted by the hotelier.

Full control over each booking

Only when the accommodation provider has confirmed the availability and accepted the conditions for the overnight stays suggested byCUBE-TECH’s booking system, a booking confirmation will be sent to the guests. This should generally happen within 24 to 36 hours – however, this period is customizable by each accommodation provider.

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