Both guests and businesses profit.

Book travel experiences easily and directly .

We make it possible for guests to book the entire range of offers for any given destination directly online. Never has it been so easy to sell combined travel services and to advertise them in the form of marketing campaigns. Without intermediaries and with full insurance coverage in accordance with the Package Travel Act! Our booking systems convert the experiences your region offers into bookable formats that are displayed in an attractive and easily accessible way. Guide overnight and day guests through your destination via a travel companion app and present them with suitable offers at any time.

Our booking system offers advantages for all tourism stakeholders. CUBE-TECH offers the only booking system that does not aim at the lowest-possible purchasing prices but at realrevenue-maximisation for businesses. One offer for all service providers. In this way, hoteliers and experience providers can, for the first time, create packages together, since the requirements and insurance obligations stipulated by the EU Travel Package Directive have already been resolved.

Finally, there is an alternative to & co. that helps increase revenue across the entire region. Let us re-imagine tourism together. Let us create a local sales network for accommodation providers, experience providers and infrastructure operators, independent of size or technical equipment. Use your advertising budget to strengthen your brand and promote direct sales through directly bookable campaigns and targeted offers on site.

Independence from booking portals

Diverse travel experiences, directly bookable — without organizers or intermediaries. Automatically and fully protected in accordance with the EU Package Travel Directive. Get out of the destructive price spiral, save on agent commissions and increase your net profits.


Unique insights

Analyze accommodation prices and guest movements in your destination, benefit from detailed insights and forecasts.


Direct sales for all

Direct sales for all

Anyone can participate, from farms to amusement parks.


For the benefit of the guest

For the benefit of the guest.

The perfect companion across the entire customer journey.


Increased revenue

Get the most possible revenue for your business and your region via regional sales cooperations, successful direct sales and targeted offers for day and overnight guests at market prices.


Destination allows for complete experiences

Increase the direct sales share in your region by displaying offers online and making advertised packages directly bookable for guests.


Maximize destination power


Let us join in getting the most possible revenue for the businesses in your destination. Make your entire destination available and bookable online while getting the most out of your advertising budget. Your guests will thank you for it!


A win for

Service Providers

Together, we will take your services online, set up a regional direct sales network and launch attractive experience packages at market prices.


For the benefit

of the guest

Guests can book the destination’s entire range of offers directly online. They will receive optimized support before, during and after their visit and get the right offers at the right time.


Destination as a success factor

Setup in just a few steps

CUBE-TECH provides the solutions and tools, the destination marketing organization (DMO) ensures the organizational framework for the launch and coordinates ongoing operations.

All service providers are registered directly in the system and can manage their offers and services by themselves. In that way, nothing stands in the way of regional sales cooperations.


The DMO ensures the participation of all relevant businesses, sets an implementation plan and puts together an execution team.


The DMO moderates the launch of the project’s implementation and ensures that businesses participate in the successful go-live.


The DMO supports businesses in their preparation and gives the green light to start. After the go-live, the DMO provides first level support.

“Our cooperation with GEIOS in the form of the guest card system and the Saarland Card spans several years and has been extremely positive. Both the support for the affiliated service partners and the continued optimization of the system are implemented with competence, commitment and readiness to help.”

Birgit Grauvogel, General Director of Tourismus Central Saarland


We work on the future of tourism.

Together with a team of IT experts, top lawyers and industry insiders, the award-winning tourism expert and hotelier Rudolf Tucek is developing the tourism ecosystem of the future: “Nobody needs more of the same — we have to re-imagine tourism together!”

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