How CUBE-TECH is re-imagining tourism from scratch and revolutionizing direct sales.


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It is time not only to re-imagine tourism — but to actually put thought into practice.

For decades, there have been calls in the tourism industry for a different type of cooperation, a European platform or something similar. To this end, CUBE-TECH has, on the basis of extensive experience in the tourism & IT sectors, developed an innovative new ecosystem.

Our overarching objectives:

  1. Replacing existing booking systems, saving on expensive agent commissions, breaking through the low-price spiral for providers
  2. Shortening (direct) distribution channels and enabling ALL providers to sell their own services and packages.
  3. Integrating experience providers into bookable offers as travel-motivating factors

To reach these goals, one must be brave enough to question things, to shake up the “all-powerful” systems and to fundamentally re-imagine tourism — but also to effect real change with the relevant solutions.

We empower service providers in the tourism sector.

In this way, Austria can position itself within the EU as a pioneer of an industry-wide solution — for sustainable, socially and ecologically friendly tourism and increased regional revenue. The chances for this are looking good at the moment, since the market is currently undergoing a reshuffling and because travel behaviors seem to be changing for good. One cannot react to a new situation like this with the old approaches. What is required to create and establish new direct distribution channels are suitable systems and tools instead of just more of the same.

This so-called “Plan T” also enjoys political support, though this will have to be translated into concrete measures and relevant plans for implementation. What is important here is to empower the service providers and destinations themselves to implement these (sales) technical solutions together.

We make travel experiences directly bookable.

CUBE-TECH offers service providers and destinations in the tourism sector a booking system that increases direct sales and revenue:

  • Destinations and their service providers can display their complete range of offers and make it bookable for guests in the form of packages.
  • In this way, historically grown smaller structures become powerful teams offering attractive experience packages together.
  • Revenue increases for businesses of all sizes, dependence on booking platforms decreases.
  • For customers, this means directly bookable packages, fair and transparent prices and security.

CUBE-TECH is an innovative and future-oriented company that — thanks to years of experience in these industries — is successfully combining tourism and technology.

The SYSTEM4C direct booking system developed by CUBE-TECH makes all of the providers in a given destination, such as hotels, restaurants, experience partners, etc., bookable via a single platform and simultaneously connects them with the guests.

The German subsidiary GEIOS, seated in Ulm, is positioned within the group as a specialist for digital destination management for servicing guests across the entire journey as well as for the implementation and operation of chipcard/RFID-based guest card systems.

One challenge of the tourism industry has always been increasing its direct sales share. Today, a handful of players dominate the market and hundreds of booking engines offer not the kind of directly bookable travel experience that guests actually wish for. It’s time for an alternative! CUBE-TECH has developed a complete solution to this end that is open to all tourism service providers — independent of technical equipment. The digital ecosystem for accommodation & experience providers and your destination as a whole. jh

SYSTEM4C(System for Customer) is a booking system for combined travel services that is compliant with trade law and the Travel Package Directive. A direct distribution solution that, for the first time, eliminates the low-price algorithm — without a competitive disadvantage compared to other providers.

With SYSTEM4C, CUBE-TECH offers tourism service providers:

  • Decoupling offers from the low-price algorithm
  • Replacing the high-commission, consumer-deceptive methodologies of the meta search engines and the underlying booking platforms with the MARKET-ANALYSE and MARKET-PREDICTsolutions
  • Price parity across the entire booking landscape

With GEIOS, destinations can increase the effectiveness of their marketing budgets and campaigns. . On the one hand, by organizing their service providers and strengthening their brand with the help of the GEIOSguest models, and, on the other hand, through the bundling, quality assurance and enhancement of existing offers, creating booking-relevant content on a step-by-step basis. With the support of the campaign mode of the SYSTEM4C booking system, this leads to more package bookings and revenue across the entire region.

Our mission is the conversion of marketing expenditures into direct bookings. With GEIOS and SYSTEM4C, we make it possible for tourism service providers to get in touch with guests before, during and after their stay. GEIOS provides guests with individualized support throughout their entire stay — from pre-check-in and the easy use of recommended offers to the feedback and eventual return after departure. In that way, guests feel optimally taken care of and build trust in the destination.


Rudolf Tucek

Founder and Managing Director

Rudolf Tucek, an award-winning tourism expert, is the founder and managing shareholder of CUBE-TECH He was the chairman of the board of Austria’s largest tourism group (Verkehrsbüro AG) as well as chairman of Vienna International with more than 30 hotels across Europe. The self-financed company currently employs 22 people in Austria and Germany.


Working at CUBE-TECH and GEIOS

The CUBE-TECH company group has its office in Vienna’s 20th district. CUBE-TECH and the German subsidiary GEIOS currently employ 22 individuals in Austria and Germany.

Our strong team is our greatest asset, which is why it is not only important that our employees are trained well, but also continue to refine their skills.

Next to an open, modern and results-oriented work environment, we also offer employee benefits, have a restaurant within our building and are easily accessible via public transport.

Bundle, refine and make available for bookings.

Intersections between system, content and payment providers

Our solutions can process content from different sources in order to support destinations and service providers in the enhancement of their content without effort duplication. A high level of true accuracy is required for offers and services that will be directly bookable. Guests get to keep the diversity of offers that they are used to — it is only structured, optimized and checked more accurately — and can be reserved and booked immediately if needed. There are virtually no limits when it comes to the technical expandability of payment methods and system and content interfaces.


For service providers and destinations

Travel behaviours have changed radically — the industry has seen itself in a constant state of upheaval, and not just since the coronavirus. We support destinations and tourism service providers as they break free from outdated structures, overcome the low-price spiral of the platforms that dominate the market and regain price and customer control through direct sales. Want to find out more? Then let us re-imagine tourism together!

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