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Why do I increase my profit with SYSTEM4C?2020-11-27T07:15:39+01:00

Why do I earn more with SYSTEM4C?

SYSTEM4C shortens the path between you and the guest booking your service, since multi-level distribution through various intermediaries (meta search engines, booking platforms, tour operators) is rendered unnecessary. You save up to 40% of sales commissions based on your gross prices (minus booking commissions). Regain control of your pricing and market positioning. Thanks to the package distribution approach, you can circumvent direct comparison with other providers, e.g. OTAs By selling combined travel services in the form of attractive package offers, you meet guests’ travel needs and gain even better prices.

Why is now the right time for SYSTEM4C?2020-11-27T07:15:24+01:00

Why is now the right time for SYSTEM4C?

SYSTEM4C offers the opportunity to compensate lost revenue now through rapidly growing, higher margins. In this way, you can increase your profits over the long term, escape the low-price spiral and increase travel quality through targeted offers to overnight and day guests. Your expenses, taxes and marketing budgets will be used productively in order to achieve independence from OTAs. “Gag contracts”, the low-price spiral, ranking sanctions and forced last-minute cancellations are thus a thing of the past.

What separates SYSTEM4C from other providers?2020-11-27T07:15:12+01:00

What separates SYSTEM4C from other providers?

SYSTEM4C allows you to sell any service directly online. The system meets all commercial and legal requirements, particularly in regard to booking and payment processing, including insolvency and liability insurance (“COMPANY PROTECT”, “MONEY SECURE”). Of course, SYSTEM4Calso enables you to distribute in accordance with package travel guidelines.

With MARKET-ANALYSE | MARKET-PREDICT, we support you in finding optimal and attainable market prices and guarantee price parity across the entire booking landscape, meaning that services are priced at the same across the whole system, no matter whose website the offer is listed on (DMO, service provider) or as part of what kind of arrangement the service has been made available (individually or as part of a package).

The SYSTEMdoes without obscure ranking algorithms (and paid rankings). Whichever package best meets the customer’s needs as per the relevant search criteria (while also being available) will be displayed correspondingly high in the search results.

We offer a unique abundance of business-supporting features, such as SPECIAL-REQUEST optional booking in the event of capacity shortages in the booking channel, the booking of time slots for experience providers and convenient, rules-based price calculation.

What is needed to successfully get started with SYSTEM4C?2020-11-27T07:16:03+01:00

What is needed to successfully get started with SYSTEM4C?

Our solutions are immediately deployable, no prior investments are necessary. What’s needed on the side of the service providers is the will to participate and re-imagine tourism. Your DMO will assist you during implementation and will coordinate all necessary steps up until launch. The focus lies on marketing campaigns on the destination and service provider level, direct bookable packages and the broad integration of SYSTEM4C into the websites of the destination, region and service providers.

Does SYSTEM4C have a channel manager interface?2020-11-27T07:14:53+01:00

Does SYSTEM4C have a channel manager interface?

The distribution of modular packages and the SPECIAL-REQUEST function require a business-oriented data logic that is currently not being offered by any of the available channel managers as far as one can tell. However, it is generally possible to access and exchange availabilities and prices via interfaces. The majority of Austrian (and with a few exceptions European) businesses with an average of around 40 beds falls below the reasonable minimum size for (multi)channel management.

Is SYSTEM4C also a website?2020-11-24T16:18:41+01:00

Is SYSTEM4C also a website?

No. SYSTEM4C is a white-label booking system for real direct sales that you can integrate into your website — providing you with maximum space to develop your own brand. In concrete terms, SYSTEM4C gives you a booking route for packages and/or campaigns with integrated payment processing and features like SPECIAL-REQUEST and EVENT-BUS. Dazu gehört auch der Back-Office Bereich zur Administration Ihrer Angebote und für statistische Auswertungen.

Who provides the corresponding bandwidth?2020-11-27T07:14:33+01:00

Who provides the corresponding bandwidth?

Your regional destination management and/or marketing organisation, for all the offers in the region are searched for and booked on the destination website via SYSTEM4C. You yourself and the service providers (accommodation or experience providers) in your region who can become part of each other’s package offers. In this way, you can optimally take advantage of existing resources and strengthen your own brand and/or your destination’s positioning. Existing sales channels can be retained if needed or be replaced gradually by more profitable direct bookings.

Do I have to re-enter all master and offer data into SYSTEM4C?2020-11-27T07:14:16+01:00

Do I have to re-enter all master and offer data into SYSTEM4C?

No, it is easy to import a region’s/destination’s business master data. Offers, availabilities and prices are the responsibility of the respective service providers.

Do I have to continuously maintain the data in SYSTEM4C in parallel?n?2020-11-27T07:13:07+01:00

Do I have to continuously maintain the data in SYSTEM4C in parallel?

Capacities/contingents: No. Once created, you are always directly bookable — for Special Request makes it possible for guests to make direct bookings even in the event of fully booked contingents. Still, we recommend allocating a sufficient number of contingents to the system in order to save on the additional commissions of the Special Request function.

Prices: No. You determine prices in the price calendar once per season. Here, we support you with our “MARKET-PREDICT” tool, which can predict the best market prices for your offers 6 months in advance. Should you want to adjust your prices on a short-term basis, then it is sufficient to adjust a service’s “base price”. The system automatically adjusts derivative prices (e.g. for age categories, room types, weekend surcharges, etc.).

Packages: No. SYSTEM4Cis the only system that can also do travel packages. It is easy to create packages in the administration panel and third-party services can also be requested easily and conveniently.

Services: No, as long as your services (overnight stays, breakfast, half board, etc.) remain unchanged, you only have to create each service in the system once Services created in this way can then be made available for package bookings.

How does CUBE-TECH treat data?2020-11-27T07:12:55+01:00

How does CUBE-TECH treat data?

Customer data (both service providers and consumers) remain the property of the customer (service provider). CUBE-TECH processes data in accordance with the GDPR and in compliance with the privacy by design principle as expressed in the forthcoming EU privacy directive.

How are payments processed?2020-11-27T07:12:38+01:00

How are payments processed?

The SYSTEM4C uses state-of-the-art payment methods (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Microsoft Pay, Alipay, WeChat Pay and PayPal), where other systems merely support credit cards.

Customer deposits are immediately passed on to the service provider minus commission. Payment processing is handled directly by the payment provider — in our case, this is Stipe, one of the largest and most innovative in the world. CUBE-TECHdoes not process any payment-related data, the process is tokenised, the data hidden from CUBE-TECH, which adds an additional layer of security. Payment authentication is carried out as per the current state of the art and as per the guidelines of the PSD2 (which came into force in September 2018), and depending on the method of payment, also with two-factor authentication.

How does CUBE-TECH guarantee the security and stability of the IT systems?2020-11-27T07:12:21+01:00

How does CUBE-TECH guarantee the security and stability of the IT systems?

CUBE-TECH’s data is hosted in Germany in a server centre certified as per ISO/IEC 27001:2013. The servers are distributed, the redundancy in the system ensures fail-safety — this is similar to an airplane’s technical set-up. Data transfers to the servers are encrypted using SSL and other state-of-the-art methods.

How do cancellations work?2020-11-27T07:12:00+01:00

How do cancellations work?

You set the cancellation requirements for your own business, usually in the form of a gradual increase in the cancellation fee as the service date approaches. SYSTEM4Cthen debits the guest’s payment method as per your cancellation terms. This means that in the event of a cancellation, there is nothing left for you to do, for all the necessary payments have already been executed. This eliminates the need for additional accounting, payment reminders and debt collection. Additional processing is handled automatically: A cancellation invoice is issued and SYSTEM4Cmakes the freed capacity available for bookings again. In cases of goodwill claims, you can release a refund in the back-office system.

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