With custom-tailored offers for all guests, directly bookable via travel companion app or mobile on-the-spot ticketing, you ensure an optimally organized travel experience without unnecessary waiting times.

Mapping of travel-motivating factors through combined travel services

Offer guests travel experiences from a single source — without having to worry about trade law, insurance and other obstacles. Travellers find what they are looking for — and providers can finally give free reign to their creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. PACKAGE-BOOKING creates added value — and revenue for the whole region.

Increased market presence and gaining new customers via distribution cooperations

Increase your direct sales reach by building a network with other businesses and your DMO via SYSTEM4C. Make your offers and services known and bookable, from the destination portal to themed campaigns in CAMPAIGN-MODE and our travel companion app GEIOS CONNECT all the way to mobile offers via I-PASS.

Innovative on-the-spot ticketing solution for routing overnight and day guests

With custom-tailored, capacity and situation dependent offers, both day and overnight guests can be serviced equally using I-PASS and GEIOS GO. For service providers, this means better planning while guests benefit from uninterrupted and directly accessible experiences without unnecessary waiting times.

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Bundle your regional offers into an impressive and total experience.

Use directly bookable campaigns to get the most out of your advertising budget.



Use your region’s network to market services online and bundle them into attractive packages — without the need for expensive distribution partners or travel agents. Offers for day guests help you gain the full potential of your business.