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GEIOS GO turns the guest card and smartphone into a convenient entry ticket, making queues a matter of the past. Your guests receive services via the GEIOS CARD or I-PASS and gain admission without the need to stop at ticket offices.

Advantages for service partners:
  • On-site sales relief through GEIOS CARD, SYSTEM4C and I-PASS
  • Direct entry with digital tickets
  • No waiting at the ticket office
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Direct access

GEIOS GO gives guests direct access to the (all-inclusive) services of the GEIOS CARDand the services booked online via SYSTEM4C andI-PASS. All GEIOS and SYSTEM4C systems involved are connected online and enable online acceptance in real time. The only hardware requirement is an active internet connection and a WLAN router.

Mobile acceptance via smartphone

Depending on the local technology, service providers choose between table and/or handheld code readers. Both versions are NFC, QR and barcode compatible. In addition to turnstile interfaces we provide separate reading devices and mobile confirmations on smartphone. What can be used sensibly in each case depends on the system partners. We look forward to consulting you on the best solution to suit your needs amongst the many technology options available.

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