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“If someone goes on a trip, he can tell something.” Exciting travel experiences often come with a tedious booking process that requires manual bundling of travel services by traditional travel agents and online travel agencies (OTAs). CUBE-TECH now offers one of a kind solutions, unique in Europe. SYSTEM4C (System for Customer) enables destinations and tourist service providers to make any offer directly bookable for guests, compliant with all applicable trade laws, data protection and package travel guidelines!

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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

Weare committed to improving guests’ travel experiences right from the first step, the booking process. The conditions and the commissions charged by the market-dominant players are a real hurdle. Recent court rulings announced that ‘best price’ and ‘last availability’ practices are anti-competitive – and therefore no longer provide any advantage to large OTA portals. This creates an opportunity to increase direct sales shares for regions and tourist service providers. Our chance: Let’s skip Travel Agencies and make offers directly bookable!

Automatic insurance for each transaction

MONEY-SECURE (Travel Insolvency Insurance) and COMPANY-PROTECT(Business Liability Coverage) ensure that service providers are covered for each individual business transaction for bundled trips and package tours. You can now achieve significantly more direct bookings via partner networks for the entire destination.

Advantages for Destinations
  • Turning ads into direct bookings
  • Strengthening the own brand
  • Independence from portals
  • Increase in direct sales
  • Attractive packaging with partners
Advantages for service partners
  • Attractive packaging
  • Full coverage of all risks
  • Increased added value
  • Market-optimized pricing
  • Minimizing booking losses
  • Payment processing inclusion
Advantages for guests
  • For day and overnight visitors
  • Increase in visitor numbers
  • Attractive Packaging
  • Optimized booking
  • Easy payment

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