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All experience providers want as many customers as possible, evenly distributed across opening hours to manage capacities, and therefore require solutions to allow for demand management and slot allocation within the booking process TIME-SLOTS ensure that customers always receive the best and most time-relevant offers based on the availability of personnel, space and materials.

Advantages with TIME-SLOTS
  • Compensation of peak loads through real-time availability
  • Targeted advertising for periods of low utilization
  • Better control of day and overnight guests
  • Higher customer satisfaction, shorter waiting times
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The best for your guests

TIME-SLOTS allows all local partners of any size to gain sales, from small boat to high-tech winter gear rentals. A targeted approach to distributing time-bound packages such as “Early Bird Special” or “Romantic Evening” can further assist with shifting guest volume to less frequented time slots.

Simply experience more

Get the most out of your system, your equipment and your business, and offer your satisfied customers the best experience. With a decreasing length of stay and an increasing daily budget, short waiting times are key to ensuring strong client retention, recommendations and optimization of various activities.

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