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CUBE-TECH’s EVENT-BUS concept solves a common gap in any traveller’s journey – the automated transfer of personal data from point of booking to the arrival at the hotel. This directly addresses the lack of communication across various platforms, from booking engine to the hotel’s check-in system, and ensures that guests do not need to provide their personal data many times throughout their journey.

Advantages of EVENT-BUS
  • Focus on needed information
  • Querying at the right time
  • Optimal guest service
  • Privacy by design
  • Contact to service providers
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Booking a trip, a room or an experience should be as easy as possible and only require the data that is legally necessary and justified in terms of content. Far too often, however, systems require an array of personal data upon booking (e.g. for the DIN setting of your ski when booking a skiing holiday). Unknowingly, many guests provide their data without little information on how it is safeguarded and passed on to the end-service provider such as the ski equipment provider, leading to poor customer service.

CUBE-TECH provides a complete ecosystem for bookings. SYSTEM4C’s (System for Customer) direct booking system guarantees continuous guest support from the point of booking to end-of-stay surveys, and only collects essential information at relevant times and by the relevant service provider.

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