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From the detail to the overall picture: Thinking the destination further

GEIOS INFO enables destinations to obtain insights into their guest behaviour. Get a meaningful overall picture of movements and bookings for both day and overnight guests. With GEIOS INFO, you can better plan and execute further development and expansion of your region.

Advantages for Destinations:
  • Base for regional, sales promotion and sustainability
  • Active measures in target group management
  • Competence centre for service providers
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Valuable insights

Like all solutions of the CUBE-TECH cloud ecosystem, GEIOS INFO is accessible via its own login. GEIOS INFO is fed with data from GEIOS CARDand GEIOS CONNECT. It is the logical extension of GEIOS services and allows you to fully enjoy its advantages.

From analysis to live-monitor

The back-office analysis view enables the evaluation of guest clusters and movement patterns as well as statistical and demographic relationships to differentiate target groups. The live monitor evaluates visitor numbers in real time and shows the most or least visited places in your region. We further guarantee that all evaluations and data is kept GDPR compliant.

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